Internet down all weekend

Hi Every one. I have been trying to catch up with some of blogging this afternoon. I have had to go all weekend without internet. It started playing up last week then Friday night nothing. I thought not to worry it will be back up by the morning. How wrong was I. We called BT Saturday afternoon and had to run through the endless checks still nothing. BT inform my husband they can't come out over the weekend it will have to wait until Monday. Ok I can live with that.....I didn't bank on a discontented 12 year old son who refuses to believe  that life can go on without internet!!!!!!! Every half an hour on Sunday are you sure the internet is down, you get the picture. Well todays appointment was any time from 8am till 4pm.  I have to go to work so I left my 22 year old daughter in charge. Much moaning this is my day off and she finally agrees.
My daughter rings me at work and says that here is a whole fleet of BT vans outside. Apparently the whole street is now down!.
The engineer checked my modem and the cabling nothing wrong he decides to go outside to look at the box in the street and thinks that the problem is the fiber optic card ( I have no idea what this is) he informs his boss no it cant possibly be the card check something else. My daughter tells me the engineer has checked every thing and is getting the right hump because he is 100% it is the fiber optic card. It turns out that it is the card so many hours of tinkering could have been avoided. What about the neighbors connect I hear you ask well BT has this policy that they have to check every thing they possibly can before they admit it is the software card issue and even though my engineer had uncovered the problem every other BT engineer that turned up to the neighbors today still had to go though the check list.

Sorry about the rambling. I will slowly make my way round to catch up, so if I haven't visited it nothing personal.

I shall leave you with a pick of a piece of jewellery I was commissioned to make  a while ago. It's make from 10mm banded agate and 99% pure Thai silver. I havent make jewellery for awhile I many have to get my tools out.

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Anne-Marie said…
Can you say FRUSTRATING?....hahaaaa!
What a complete nightmare for you....fingers crossed all will be well.
Jayne, this bracelet is just gorgeous....I really love the heart...and the colours are perfect for this time of year....clever girl!
Oh my goodness hope they get the problems all straighten out...
BTW - love your jewelry.... very pretty....
Sarah said…
Ha don't get me started on BT Jayne,- when it goes wrong it goes really wrong!!!

Gorgeous jewellery love the heart.

sue w. said…
HiJayne, I know just how you feel we are having real problems with our internet. Ours keeps freezing and when it is working it takes forever to load and we should be getting the faster speed. So we ring up go through the motions its ok for a couple of hours then it starts again aggggh.
If only we had a magic wand!
Hugs Sue W.
Fingers crossed all will be OK.
Your jewellery is stunning.
Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comment. From sLOVEnija Tamara
Mary J said…
:( blooming internet! But I love your bracelet - beautiful!
Jenny said…
OMG what a pain in the butt for you, but oh my what a pretty bracelet. Lovely :) Jen x
June Nelson said…
Hiya hunnie thats just so pretty!! love it, I love jewellery!!! I know what you mean about internet, im on the best talktalk pagckage and its slow as a snail and sick of ringing them!!! big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxx
Frances said…
Lovely bracelet, great job. Hope your connection gets better. hugs, Frances

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